Dear FCHN Family and Friends,

    Many, many thanks for your continued support of Mother Price and her mission to feed and care for those in need in her community. Since late November FCHN has been soldiering on without the daily on-site guidance of Mother Price. While visiting family in Mississippi for Thanksgiving Mother Price’s husband, Deacon Price, had a massive stroke. He was taken to a hospital where the stroke was treated. He is currently recovering at a family home in Mississippi. Mother Price, except for a brief few days when she was in Chicago, has been by his side to comfort him and encourage him. We still do not know when Deacon Price will be well enough to travel back home to Chicago.

    This unexpected medical situation has created significant financial hardship for FCHN and for Mother Price personally. Many of you know that Mother Price and Deacon Price often supplement the funds needed to operate FCHN with their own significant donations. Treatment for the stroke and living expenses away from home have eaten away at much of the Price family’s savings. I urge all the friends and supporters of FCHN to consider making a donation today to help us continue the good work of FCHN. Our need is great during this time of tribulation. We really need you now.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and guide you.

    JD Salazar

    J. D. Salazar

    FCHN Volunteer
    Managing Principal
    Champion Realty Advisors, LLC


    Often hungry as a child Betty Price, affectionately known as “Mother Price”, promised herself and God that her own family would always have enough to eat and clothing to wear. She also promised the Lord that she would do all she could to help provide for those around her that were hungry and cold. In the mid-1960s Mother Price left her job of 23 years and began feeding and clothing people out of her own home. Mother Price’s outreach to the community quickly grew and she realized that she has found her mission in life.

    In 1997 Mother Price was blessed to acquire the old meat packing facility at 1234 West 59th Street. She renovated the old plant and moved FCHN in. Her ministry and outreach has grown exponentially ever since. Today Mother Price feeds over 1000 hungry men, women and children per week. In addition to the homeless men and women she feeds and clothes, since 2008 the economic recession has added many working poor to the roster of FCHN clients. Mother Price is an advocate for the poor and hungry, often appearing on local television to push for more awareness and aide for those in need in her community. Englewood is one of the poorest and most crime ridden communities in Chicago. Life in the community is a daily struggle for survival for many.

    FCHN is a place where everyone is welcomed, regardless of your race, your faith, or your position in society.

    Weekly Hours of Operation - Food

    Monday – Noon time hot lunch in the dining room

    Wednesday – Noon time hot lunch in the dining room

    Friday – Noon time hot lunch in the dining room

    Weekly Hours of Operation - Clothing

    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – clothing available for pickup from 9 AM to 4 PM


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